White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin

White Chocolate & Cranberry TiffinIt’s the 1st of December tomorrow. Yeah, that came around quick didn’t it?! I’m kicking off the start of advent with this incredibly delightful and suitably festive White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin. It’s a little different to the rich, chocolate version I remember begging my Gran to make as a child, but my word – it’s just as heavenly!

Here is what you will need to make this gorgeous Christmassy treat. Makes up to 24 pieces dependent on how large you cut them.

(Recipe adapted from Jo Wheatley)

  • 300g Digestive Biscuits
  • 140g Unsalted Butter
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 3 tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 1 tbsp Caster Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Malted Milk Powder *
  • 140g Dried Cranberries
  • 500g White Chocolate
  • Red Food Colouring (Optional)

Essential Equipment

  • 30 x 20 Rectangular Cake/Swiss Roll Tin

* I used Horlicks but you don’t need to buy a whole tub, just get one of the little ‘1 cup’ sachets that are about 30p – there’s plenty enough in one of those.

Lightly grease & line your cake tin and set to one side until needed.

Using either a food processor or a rolling pin and a plastic bag, blitz/bash the digestive biscuits until almost fine crumbs – but you want some chunky bits left in for added texture.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinIn a medium saucepan, gently heat the butter, salt, golden syrup, caster sugar & milk powder until the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinPour the liquid over the breadcrumbs in a large bowl and mix until completely coated.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinThrow in the cranberries and give it a good mix. (You may wish to chop them a little first if they are large cranberries as this will help the mixture bond together better with fewer ‘gaps’)

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinPress the mixture into the prepared tin then place into the fridge to harden/set for about 45mins to an hour.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinWhen the mixture has firmed up, we need to smother it in chocolate!

Break the white chocolate into a large bowl. Either in the microwave or set over barely simmering water, gently melt the chocolate until smooth and shiny.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinPour about 3 quarters of it over the tiffin. (Or all of it if you don’t want to do the following decorative step.)

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinWith the remaining quarter, add in some red food colouring & mix. Then pour into a piping bag and snip the end.

Work quickly as the chocolate will set and the ‘feathering’ technique won’t work unless it is still melted.

Pipe stripes diagonally across the tiffin.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinThen take a cocktail stick and draw lines through the chocolate. First stoke down, then the next – upwards. Repeat until you have ‘feathered’ the whole thing.

(Yours will likely work better than mine – as I was taking photos, the chocolate was busy setting!)

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinAllow to chill in the fridge for about 45mins to an hour before slicing.

If you want evenly sized pieces, run a sharp knife under hot water before slicing each piece. This will melt through the chocolate preventing it from snapping into random shapes.

White Chocolate & Cranberry  TiffinStore in an airtight container in the fridge and eat within 4 – 5 days.

And that’s about it! I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out. I’ve always fondly remembered tiffin the way that my Gran used to make it – very rich, sickly and packed with chocolate! (Just the way I like it.) This version however, is the same texture but a completely different flavour. You get the gorgeous, smooth white chocolate with the crunchy/chewy biscuit – and these wonderful bursts of cranberry sweetness in-between to bring it all together. It’s absolutely exquisite!

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post my lovelies. Happy St.Andrews day & see you all next time!

Miss KitchenMason



Home made Cadburys Easter Cheesecake!

Ok ok!! I know I’m supposed to be on a diet but if you don’t treat yourself every once in a while you would live an unbearably miserable life. Plus, no matter what you do I will justify it one way or another! So ner : P

Also, there is no point in trying to find a low calorie or low fat version as it just won’t be the same. If you are going to do something wrong, do it right! (If I had a life motto, that would be it.)

So now the formalities are over, here is what you will need to make this uber delish-arse cheesecake:

  • 170g Digestive Biscuits
  • 50g Butter
  • 160g Cadburys Philadelphia
  • 180g Double Cream
  • 20g Icing Sugar
  • 2 Cadburys Fudge bars

To Decorate:

  • Bag of Cadburys Mini Eggs
  • Double Cream
  • Milk Chocolate, grated

First, line the bottom of a 20cm loose bottomed tin with baking paper.

Next bash the crap out of those biscuits with a rolling pin or fist. Depending on how much self therapy you need.

Melt the butter in a pan and add to the biscuits. Remember to add gradually though. you can always add but you can’t take out.

Tip the biscuit mix into the prepared tin & press down firmly with a spoon. Then pop it in the fridge until needed.

Next, sieve  the icing sugar into a large bowl and add the Cadburys Philadelphia & the double cream. Mix with an electric whisk (or a hand whisk if you can really be arsed!) until thick.

Chop the 2 Cadburys Fudge bars into small pieces and add them to the cheesecake mix. Maybe eat one or two pieces… Mix well.

Take the tin out of the fridge and pour the cheesecake mix onto the biscuit base. Smooth the top and leave to set in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.

Whilst you are waiting, lick those spoons & bowls!! Go on, you know you want to. You have to, it’s bakers rights.


Once it has set, carefully take out of the tin and put on a cake board or flat plate. Whip up some double cream and pipe on however you feel like doing then add some grated chocolate & Cadburys Mini Eggs.

And there you have it. A sure fire way to convince yourself to break the diet, just for one day.

Hope you guys all have an awesomely chocolate filled Easter!

Until next time.

Miss KitchenMason