After being established for a while now, I think it’s about time I compiled a list of my favourite foodie sites & blogs. I hope they give you a bit of an insight into where I get all my inspiration & ideas from.

My Fave Foodie Sites

BBC Good Food

A compilation of thousands of recipes from pretty much every type of cuisine you can think of! You can also search using categories such as “Cheap Eat Recipes” and “Low Calorie-Lunch Recipes.” Very handy site.


Probably one of my favourite websites of all time! I have used more recipes from this site than I can even remember. Every single picture makes you drool and it made a big impact on helping me keep up my “try one new recipe a week” philosophy. Such a fantastic site linking to thousands of amazing food blogs & recipes.

Baking Mad

Baking mad is a site full of recipes, competitions, tips, user submitted recipes and has a forum specifically dedicated to helping budding bakers! With lots of FAQ’s and ways to contact them to ask a specific baking question – this site is sure to be a staple in your daily sites check.


A great fridge clearing website! Simply type in what ingredients you have in the fridge/cupboards and it will compile a list of recipes you can make using those ingredients. Brilliant!


With so many recipes that I find being in American units, I often find myself sitting down to convert cups to grams. This website is a godsend for that. It lists out the most common ingredients in a simple and easy to use list form. It would feel like I’d lost an arm if I didn’t have this site!

BuzzFeed: Food Buzz

Whilst often amusing – this site is a compilation of food and drink related articles, top 10 lists and general humour. A worthy site to make it onto my favourite sites list.

My Fave Food Blogs

James Morton: The One That Bakes

Brown Eyed Baker

Hilah Cooking


Chocolate Covered Katie

My Baking Addiction

Comically Cooking

YouTube Highlights

Sorted Food

Sorted Food’s website is full to the brim with fun and easy to follow video recipes. They upload a brand new recipe every single day & you can even send in a request for them to try any recipe you desire! They also have a YouTube channel that you can check out Here.

My Drunk Kitchen

The crazy yet lovable Hannah Hart shares her brilliantly drunken kitchen adventures with you on her hilarious YouTube channel. WELL worth a watch.

Epic Meal Time

Ok, anything that is epic is obviously gonna be good. Epic Meal Time is genius! They make everything bigger, better, bacony and more alcoholic! You should check them out.