Cupcake Corner

Red Velvet CupcakesSo I think you’ve probably gathered that I’ve caught the baking bug and become slightly obsessed by cupcakes. Having already shared quite a few different cupcake recipes with you (and plenty more that I want to share!) I thought I would dedicate a page to these beautifully delicious treats!

I’ll start by sharing some of my cupcake top tips! Hopefully they will help you recreate perfect cupcakes of your own.

1. Use foil cases as opposed to paper cases. Foil cases help to keep your cakes moist for longer and paper cases do not. They will also stop butter from seeping out whereas paper cases will become very greasy.

2. Use unrefined golden caster sugar instead of white caster sugar wherever possible. This will give a better overall flavour to your cakes.

3. Use all ingredients at room temperature. If you use ingredients that are not the same temperature, they do not tend to blend well at all and this can cause the butter to curdle. (This could create holes in your sponge) A way to prevent this is to remove any items that are in the fridge & allow to come to room temperature before using whenever possible.

4. Find the hot spots in your oven. These can be the death of 2 or 3 cupcakes per batch if you don’t figure out where you will get the most “even bake” in your oven. After a few batches, it should be fairly obvious where they are.

5. Use food colouring gels as opposed to liquid food colours. Liquid colouring can easily alter the consistency of your frostings or sponge mixes, gel colours won’t. You will also get deeper colours from the gels as they are more concentrated.

6. If your butter & sugar mixtures split, add a little flour. When you have creamed butter and sugar together, the next step is usually to add eggs. I find if you beat each egg into a bowl/glass and add it to the batter in halves, beating well after each addition, it seems to help. But if your mix does decide to split, add a tablespoon of flour and it should sort it out.

7. Use proper measuring spoons. Despite what you may think, the teaspoon that you make a cup of tea with is not actually the same as a teaspoon measurement in baking. Invest in some measuring spoons, they are only a few pounds. They’ll be an invaluable piece of kit to ensure accuracy.

Dr Pepper Cupcakes!

Cupcake Recipes

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V      Vegetarian

GF   Gluten Free


6 comments on “Cupcake Corner

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Your cupcakes look wonderful 🙂

  2. Truly, your cupcakes are beautiful and elegant. What size/shape of piping tip do you use to make gorgeous rose like in the first photo? 😀

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