Nat & Jim’s Wedding!

Chocolate 3 Tiered Wedding Cake

This weekend, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really have much of a chance to cook or bake a recipe to share with you lovely lot. But, two of my wonderful friends did get hitched! Hurrah!

This wedding also set a bit of a challenge for me… the cake. Yep, I made the wedding cake. Now I have never made a tiered cake before but I do relish a challenge, especially in 30°C British summer heat! (Note to self… sugar does NOT like heat)

The beautiful, sunny day started with the church ceremony where Nat & Jim exchanged their vows. With lots of wedding leaflets being turned into make shift fans, we headed out into the church gardens for photos.

Nat & Jim's Wedding - Church Gardens

Now I usually sport my jean’s and trainers look but hey, it’s my friends wedding so I made an effort!

Me & the Mr

Yep, I wore a dress. ME?! I know, slightly out of character but the Mr does look rather handsome when he’s suited and booted and I didn’t want to let the side down!

Next item on the menu was the wedding breakfast. I still don’t understand why it’s called breakfast as it’s normally always eaten in the afternoon, but hey, who am I to argue?

So we headed off to a local indian restaurant where we ate, drank and got very merry! They had even personalised the wine bottles…

Nat & Jim's Wedding Wine

Nat & Jim's Table DecorationsI loved their home made table decorations too, so colourful!

After we had all filled our faces & enjoyed the speeches, we saw the happy couple off to their next surprise. The bride’s lovely Mum, Tina, had arranged for a canal boat to cruise them to the third and final venue… the Steamboat Pub at Trent Lock, where we were all waiting to greet them.

Nat & Jim's Canal boat Trip

Meanwhile… I was frantically trying to stack the cake before they arrived. It’s worth mentioning that I may have had one or two glasses of vino by this point, but thank goodness it went without a hitch! Panic over!

It was lovely to see how much the bride and groom were enjoying themselves though, such a happy fun filled day.

Nat & Jim's WeddingIn true tradition they kicked the evenings celebrations off with the first dance…

Nat & Jim's First Dance

There’s something about first dances at weddings, you can’t help but feel all happy and ‘mushy’ inside. SO happy for them!

Right, onto the cake. It had to be chocolate. ALL chocolate. Nat is practically made of chocolate she loves it that much!

The Wedding Cake

It really was quite hilarious the measures I took to try and keep my house cool whilst I was creating this cake. At one point, I even made a make shift kitchen blind out of an apron, white A4 paper & sellotape! When all is said and done though, it was totally worth it. It went down an absolute storm and there were literally crumbs left! More importantly, the bride and groom loved it… mission accomplished!

On another note, aren’t the wall decorations absolutely beautiful? One of the most wonderful things about this wedding was that almost everyone contributed creatively in one way or another. Many of my friends hand made those stunning decorations, I had made the cake and Paul made the cheeky little cake toppers!

Paul's Cake Toppers

How awesome are they?! Here’s a pic of myself and Paul posing with our creations…

Me & Paul & The Wedding Cake!And the Bride and Groom’s reactions haha…

Nat, Jim & the Wedding Cake!

Nat, Jim & the Wedding Cake!

Nat, Jim & the Wedding Cake!The next time I saw the cake it looked a little something like this…

The Wedding Cake!

Not a lot left! I was so pleased to see my efforts being well received though, couldn’t have been more proud or happy!

All in all, it was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, everyone was in great spirits and my friends were married! Truly a day that will be remembered for many years to come.

So I would like to give one final MAHOOSIVE congratulations to my good friends Nat & Jim. I sincerely wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Hope you all enjoyed the post my lovelies.

Miss KitchenMason


2 comments on “Nat & Jim’s Wedding!

  1. – Happy Wedding to Natalie and Jim!
    – You look gorgeous!
    – Your cake is amazing!

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