To Celebrate My 100th Post – Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes!

Happy 100th post to KitchenMason, Hooray! Can’t believe I’ve actually written that many posts! Well, I plan on writing a whole lot more for you hungry lot, starting with my spooky Halloween cupcakes. They were definitely a labour of love but one that I am very proud of and happy to share with you guys!

You can use any vanilla or lemon cupcake recipe for this & any complimentary buttercream frosting.

KitchenMason Top Tip!

You can freeze buttercream frosting! I tested this theory recently as I always seem to get quite a lot of leftover frosting from recipes. All you need to do is put it in an airtight tub and freeze for up to 2 months. When you want to use it, defrost in your fridge overnight then allow to come to room temperature. Give it a good mix with an electric hand whisk until smooth. And there you have it, waste not want not!

For the “Blood” Filling

You will need approx 100g of lemon curd per 6-8 cupcakes & some red food colouring gel. Simply put the lemon curd into a bowl and gradually add red food colouring until you get the depth of colour you want. (I find it best to use a clean cocktail stick every time you add more colour. This way you don’t get icing in your gel pot!)

When your cakes have completely cooled, slice off the tops to flatten – this makes it easier to pipe on the frosting later. Then using an apple corer, carefully core out the middle (be careful not to go all the way to the bottom!) to make room for the lemon curd filling.

Fill a piping bag with the lemon curd then snip a small part of the end off and fill each hole with the “blood”.

Pipe on your different coloured frostings and top with spooky Halloween sugar decorations!

How To Make Your Own Sugar Decorations

To make your own coloured icing (also known as sugar paste) buy a block of ready made white icing. You can get this at all supermarkets.

To colour them, you need to use colouring gels NOT ordinary liquid food colouring. The liquid colourings will alter the consistency of the icing and make it way too sticky & difficult to work with. You don’t need to go mad on spending, so long as you have the primary colours and a black – you can pretty much make any colour. (I got mine from ASDA, usually on offer at 2 for £3)

To make the Halloween decorations, you will also need some edible glue. It’s not expensive and it will last you for ages! I got mine from a brilliant baking supplies website called Planet Bake.

1. First you need to tear the quantity of icing you need from the original white icing block. Make sure you get enough as you probably won’t be able to make the exact same colour again. Knead the icing on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar until it’s malleable.

2. Using a cocktail stick, smear on a small amount of colouring gel. Remember, you can always add more but you can’t take out. So add gradually.

3. Keep kneading and adding colour until it’s evenly distributed and the colour you want.

4. Repeat for as many colours as you need to make your spooky decorations.

How To Make a Sugar Bat

1. Roll out black sugar paste to about 3mm thick and carve out a bat shape using a sharp knife.

2. Roll out yellow sugar paste and cut out small triangles to make eyes. Using edible glue, stick the eyes to the black bat shapes.

How To Make a Sugar Ghost

1. Roll out white sugar paste and cut into 6.5cm diameter circles. (I cut around a cup that was approx this size.)

2. Using the end of a vegetable peeler (or similar item with a smooth, rounded edge) carefully mould the white circle around it and pleat the “skirt” of the ghost.

3. Roll two small balls & a slightly larger ball out of black sugar paste. Dab a little edible glue onto the eye & mouth areas and press the balls gently onto the glue – flatten slightly. Carefully remove from the peeler and place on the top of a cake!

How To Make a Sugar Pumpkin

1. Roll out a ball from orange sugar paste.

2. Roll out a small ball from green sugar paste and flatten to make a disc. Also in green, roll out a small “stem” shape.

3. Using edible glue, stick the green disc to the top of the orange ball then glue the stem to the top of the green disc. At this point, you could score lines down the sides like you would get on a traditional pumpkin but I wanted to keep mine simple.

4. Roll out some black sugar paste and carve out two triangles for the eyes & a scary mouth shape. (This is fiddly so take your time!)

5. Using edible glue, stick the eyes and mouth onto the orange pumpkin.

How To Make A Sugar Tombstone

1. Using grey sugar paste, roll out an oval about 1cm thick.

2. Cut the oval in half to make two tombstones.

3. Using white (or black) sugar paste & a sharp knife, carve out 3 rectangles (1 long, 2 short) that will form the cross.

4. Using edible glue, carefully stick the cross onto the tombstone and stand upright.

How To Make a Sugar Spider


Act quickly on this one as the sugar “legs” will dry out fairly quickly & make it difficult to manipulate them. Make sure to have your cakes already frosted and ready to go when doing this decoration.

1. Roll out a ball using black sugar paste.

2. Roll out black sugar paste to about 3mm thick and cut out 8 strips. Then roll them into “legs.”

3. For the evil eyes, roll out small balls in red sugar paste. Then, using edible glue, stick & slightly flatten them onto the body.

4. Trim the legs so all eight are equal in size.

5. Carefully manipulate a bend in each leg and stick into the frosting. Prop the bottom of the leg by pushing it into the sides of the frosting.

6. Put the spider body into the middle of the legs to create a full spider.

And there you have it, your very own spooktacular sugar decorations. They do take a little time to make, but as a result – you get that wow factor on top of your cakes! They look so striking too, very pleased with them!

I also love that when you bite into these cakes, a surprise gushing of blood will come oozing out too! Hope none of you are squeamish..? Haha.

At this point I would like to give a very special mention to my Gran, who’s birthday is actually on Halloween. So Happy Birthday Gran!!

I hope you all get no tricks but lots of treats this week!

Happy Halloween folks! Mwahahahahaha! (Deep, evil, roaring laugh)

Miss KitchenMason


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