Chocolate & Vanilla Pudding!

With all this calorie counting, not only do I get cravings for eating treats and puds, I get cravings for baking too! I severely miss baking cakes, biscuits & puddings when I’m on a diet. There are very few things I find as therapeutic.  That’s why I was over the moon when I found this recipe. This will blow your mind ok… it is less than 100 calories!

Yes you heard me. It’s a chocolate pudding that will satisfy both your baking cravings & your chocolate cravings and it’s a ridiculously low 98 calories per serving! It’s from a book called 500 Best-ever Recipes: Chocolate; this is what you will need to make 3 puddings (easily doubled):

  • 175ml of 1% Milk
  • 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder
  • 1 Egg, seperated
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1.5 tbsp Caster Sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp Gelatine Powder
  • 1.5 tbsp Hot Water

Put the milk & cocoa powder into a heavy based pan and stir until boiling.

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar & the vanilla extract in a bowl until pale yellow and smooth.

Slowly pour the milk into the egg yolk mixture, stirring well. Then pour back into the pan and, over a gentle heat, stir constantly until thickened and smooth.

Take the pan off the heat. Put the hot water into a small bowl/jug and add the gelatine to it. Stir until dissolved then add to the milk mixture and stir well. Allow to cool until it looks like it’s almost setting.

In another bowl, whisk the egg white with electric beaters until soft peaks form.

At this point the recipe says to fold the egg whites into the milk mixture but I honestly think it would have been easier the other way around, nevertheless, they still turned out lovely.

Pour the finished mixture into 3 moulds or ramekins then chill them in the fridge for an hour or so until set.

When you are ready to eat them, you can either run a knife around the edge, dip the moulds in hot water quickly and turn out onto a plate OR you can just be lazy like me and eat it out of the ramekin. My way also means less pots to wash, win-win.

I was pleasantly surprised at how chocolatey this was considering it only has 1 tbsp of cocoa powder in it. It’s very much like a mousse consistency, light and airy.

It definitely satisfied both my chocolate cravings and my insane need to bake. And seriously, only 98 calories?? Frickin awesome!

If you are on a diet & enjoy cooking, you would be mental not to try this recipe. Similarly, if you think dieting is for nutters and just want a delicious chocolate pudding, you would also be mental not to try this recipe!

Happy baking peeps!

Miss KitchenMason


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