Ham & Cheese Pie!

This weekend I had the Parents come to stay. I wanted to cook something simple but tasty & wholesome. I have made this ham & cheese pie a few times before and each time it went down a storm! So I thought it would be perfect on this occasion. I got the recipe from the Michel Roux Jnr app on my iPhone. Here is what you will need:

  • 375g Puff Pastry
  • 1 Egg, beaten
  • 50g Mature Cheddar, grated
  • 150g Gruyère Cheese, grated
  • 600g Cooked Ham (Good quality!)
  • 25g Butter
  • 25g Flour
  • 150ml Milk
  • 50ml Cream
  • Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg

Preheat your oven to 200°C.

First you need to make the béchamel sauce. Melt the butter in a pan until it foams, then add the flour and cook over a low heat for about 4-5 minutes stirring continuously. Don’t allow it to colour. Next, gradually whisk in  the milk & cream and bring to the boil. It should be quite thick. Season with a little salt but quite generous amounts of pepper & nutmeg. Leave to one side to cool completely. Cover it with a buttered piece of greaseproof paper to stop a skin from forming.

Next you need to roll out the pastry. On a lightly floured surface, roll out half the pastry in a rough circle about 24cm in diameter. Then roll out another circle about 26cm in diameter. Wrap this larger one up and keep cold in the fridge.

Place the 24cm circle of pastry on a baking sheet. Brush the edges with beaten egg then put a spoonful of the béchamel sauce in the middle. Spread it out with the back of a spoon within 3-4cm from the edges. Sprinkle on some of the grated cheeses and then put a slice of ham on top. Rinse and repeat until all the ingredients are used up.

Take the larger circle of pastry out the fridge and lay on the top of the pie. Press down firmly on the edges to seal & trim neatly. Brush the whole pie with beaten egg. At this point, if you want to decorate by scoring with the back of a knife, you can do. I chose to do a simple leaf pattern. Make a hole in the centre at the top of the pie to allow steam out. I cannot stress how important this hole is. I have had this pie explode in my oven before because the hole was too small and closed up during cooking. You have been warned!

Bake in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 180°C and bake for another 15 minutes. When removed from the oven, allow to stand for at least 20-30 minutes before cutting into slices.

I love this recipe. It’s really homely & really tasty! Although there is a bit of prep work involved, you can get all of this done before your guests arrive and be free to enjoy your evening without stressing about the cooking.

Once again, it went down a treat. Hope you guys will give it a go, I promise if you do… it will become a firm favourite as it has done in my household!

Miss Kitchen Mason


One comment on “Ham & Cheese Pie!

  1. […] the main course we made individual ham and cheese pies. Exactly the same way as in This Post – just smaller.  I forgot just how amazing these little beauties were! We served it […]

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