York Food Festival!

Hello guys! So sorry there hasn’t been any new posts for a while, Me and the other half went to York for the weekend so I have been absent from my beloved kitchen!

We had a lovely time away. York is such a beautifully picturesque city, so I thought I would share the highlights of the trip with you all!

Day 1

When we arrived it was about lunch time on Sunday. We had read about a groovy little pub tucked away above a real ale shop called “The House of Trembling Madness.” So we decided to go there for some lunch. It was a cosy little place with a lot of character. Firstly we ordered some drinks. I opted for a strawberry beer they had on tap called “Timmermans” (pictured below) & my other half went for a cider.

Both choices were delicious! So whilst we sipped we also ordered some food. My oh my, what got brought out to us was quite literally the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. This, I considered to be quite confusing. Especially as they did not have a kitchen. They prepared & cooked all food behind a tiny little bar. I have absolutely no idea how they did it but it was superb!

Instead of the typical lettuce, tomato & sauce filling… they had lettuce, caramelised red onion & blue cheese sauce. Holy cow pat it was good! I have no idea what beef/herbs the burger was made of either but whatever it was, it was very flavourful & tasty.

By the way, please excuse the blurry-ness of the burger photo, I was so excited to try it I rushed the photo taking part!

So, once we had devoured our lunch we decided to have a wander around the city centre until we could check into our hotel. Thinking that my day could not get any better than it was, we turned a corner and saw this sign.

Oh my god, perfect timing or what?! We had no idea that the food festival was on in York that weekend. Although this did explain why it was so busy on a Sunday, which we were rather perplexed about!

I actually did a little jumping on the spot & reverted to acting like a 6 year old girl when I saw it.

Then the next thing I heard was a lady shouting through a mega phone, “Come and make your own chocolate lolly, free until 5pm” Oh hell yes. Off to the tent we went!

Whilst we were standing in the queue, surrounded by children I might add, we had a brief moment of wondering if it was only children allowed. But then I realised that I didn’t care, I wanted to make a chocolate lolly! So we carried on queuing. First they gave you a tray and asked you what decorative toppings you wanted. Then they “blob” a load of melted chocolate on a polythene sheet and tell you to bang the tray down hard a few times until the chocolate flattens out into a “lolly shape.” Lastly, you put a lolly stick into it & have 5 mins to decorate how you like.

15 minutes later we went back to the tent to collect our lolly’s and they looked like this.

I will point out straight away, mine is the one with the Smarties flower & Dan’s (my other half) is the one with the smiley face, if you couldn’t tell!

NOTE: This is a great, creative & easy Christmas present idea!

Once we had checked into the hotel later on, we decided to potter about & look for somewhere to eat dinner. We landed in a nice little Italian place called La Vecchia Scuola. (Where, ironically, the head chef was Chinese!) I had a “Romana” pizza which involved a topping of Tomato, mozzarella, Italian sausage, pancetta, garlic, red onions, fresh basil topped with rocket leaves. And Dan had an “Americana” which had a topping of Tomato, mozzarella, Italian sausage, pepperoni salami, fresh chilli, red onions and oregano. 

Both were rather delicious. The pizza dough especially was very tasty & had a wonderful texture. Unfortunately, we were both too excited to tuck in and I therefore forgot to take any photos of them! Sorry guys, but I can assure you they were very yummy!

After dinner, we were glad of the ghost walk we went on to let our belly’s absorb the mass of pizza that had just been consumed. I must admit, I was a bit passive about the whole ghost walk thing but it turned out to be very funny and quite interesting. All in all a perfect evening!

Day 2

We didn’t pay for breakfast at the hotel so we could go out and sample some of York’s finest. After gawking at what felt like a million cafés, we came across a lovely place called Café Luca.

Here, me and Dan both had a Sausage & egg cob. But these weren’t just any sausages. These were the award winning sausages from the Shambles. (A small, very old area in the centre of York.) I can assure you, they were lip smackingly delicious! Hands down one of the nicest sausages I’ve had in a breakfast cob. If you’re interested, here is the website for the shop Ye Olde Pie & Sausage Shoppe

Once our belly’s were full we decided to do a bit of site seeing. We started by walking along the famous York Wall. Now I should mention at this point, this was Dan’s idea. If I had known how long this wall was & how many steps were involved at the start I may very well have changed my mind!

That being said, it was a pleasant, albeit exhausting, walk : D

You could see plenty of eye catching sites from different parts of the wall. I must admit though, at one point in-between walls, we did get lost & couldn’t find the next part. So we decided to regroup at the nearest pub haha! I laugh because it was only 11.50am. I know, it’s bad isn’t it!

Anyhoo, when we had got our breath back we tootled on over to the Cathedral to have a nosy. Below are some photos of the wall, the cathedral & some general sites around York just to show how truly beautiful this city is.

Once we were well and truly knackered we decided to go and sample the delights of the Food Festival once more.

One of my favourite stalls was a fudge stall that had all these beautiful wedges & bars of fudgey colourful loveliness! They were so lovely that me and Dan bought a slice each for ourselves. Dan got a Milky Bar slice & i got a Toffee Crisp slice.

There were plenty of stalls to feast your eyes on. One in particular we went to when were were peckish for some lunch. It was a stall that sold grass fed beef in all shapes & sizes. Sausages, burgers, steaks etc. We each had a grass fed Red Leicester cow burger. The difference in texture between these and normal burgers was phenomenal! There was no gristle, it didn’t fall apart it was just perfection.

Another stall to note was the Chilli Jam Man stall. Dan has a thing for all things hot so this was a must for him.

Just so you know, my face looks like that for one reason and one reason only. Dan made me try one of the sauces. He assured me that it wasn’t that hot but it was very tasty and that I would like it. Also, the bald man at the stall told me that the sauce I was about to try had just won an award at the Brighton chilli festival. So I tried it. And my partially angry, partially “in pain” expression in the photo is the result. Yeah, thanks for that Dan. Love you too! Haha.

Well that just about concludes my weekend trip to York. It was absolutely wonderful and I would honestly recommend this city to anyone thinking of going away in the UK for a weekend. Not only are there amazing things to be seen but amazing local food & produce to be had too.

Hope you enjoyed my York highlights and I promise there are some normal posts with recipes coming up!

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Miss Kitchen Mason


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