Succulent Pulled BBQ Pork

This week I decided to finally use the slow cooker that has been collecting dust on top of my kitchen cupboards for the the last 4 years. I know, it’s a crime right? But I didn’t know that until yesterday! I swear I will never forsake you again my dearest slow cooker. Anyway, so I’ve been meaning to try this recipe for quite some time now. Pulled BBQ Pork. Another FoodGawker favourite. You can’t go 3 pages without seeing pictures of delicious looking pulled pork sandwiches!

So the recipe I used was from this lovely post by Maria & Josh at Two Peas & Their Pod. I made half the recipe as I don’t think that a chunk of meat that big would actually fit into my slow cooker. This time I used the american measurements, first time for everything! The only thing I converted was the vinegar which I worked out to be approx 90ml for half the recipe.

So, as stated in the recipe, I sliced the onion & combined this with the other ingredients (minus the pork) and placed into the bottom of the slow cooker. Then I mixed it up well & placed the pork on top swiftly followed by the lid. Next I went to put the plug in the socket only to realise that, at some point in the past, I had apparently stolen the fuse from said plug! Oopsie. After ransacking my house to find another 13A fuse and failing, I gave in and had to pop out to the shops to go and buy some.

So after all that palava, I finally switched it on and set the timer for 8hrs. Then it was time for the waiting game. A really, really, really long waiting game. That smelt amazing, total torture I can assure you.

So when it got to 7hrs, I couldn’t resist. I got a big bowl and pulled out the pork (a half at a time) and began pulling until it was all shredded. Obviously I sneaked a taste and it was delicious! Literally melt in the mouth delicious. At this point I realised that my slow cooker would not be returning to it’s old home above the kitchen cupboards. It had earned it’s place on the kitchen side alongside my food processor & my mixer!

So I popped all the meat back into the slow cooker in the sauce for another 30mins or so and waited for the other half to get home from work so we could devour some pork in some tiger bread cobs.

This dinner was well worth the wait & the torture you’re put through smelling it all day! It is also just as nice cold as it is hot. I had it again for tea the next day & if it’s possible I think it tasted even better. I think the extra time had helped the depth of flavour to improve.

I can’t wait to get cracking on some other slow cooker recipes.

Thanks again for reading.

Miss Kitchen Mason


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